The kitchen is one of the most utilised rooms in the house. Therefore, it is important to look after it and particularly, the interior finishing touches. While, it seemingly it appears to be a simple task, the kitchen furnishing and decoration is often a challenge. Although often overlooked, tiles are a great addition to most kitchens. They can make an excellent tiled backsplash. The tiled backsplash can add a touch of colour and variety to kitchen walls.  It is faster to clean unsightly food and fat deposits from tiles rather than from wallpapers. Tiled floors are also a great choice for your kitchen. It is much easier to clean spills from kitchen tiles rather than from wooden floors as they are more durable. You just need to wipe the stained area; the tiles will not warp with moisture, as wood would do. Tiles are available in seemingly infinite variations! I work quickly, efficiently and in a timely manner – considering all guidelines. I approach each project individually, with due respect for the client. The number of highly satisfied customers constitutes the greatest confirmation of my skills and experience. Over numerous years of activity, I have cooperated with various clients, working on many unusual orders – this means that issues related to tiling are not a problem for me. Please feel free to contact me.


Bathroom furnishing, despite what one may think, is not an easy task. It is a place where after a hard day everyone deserves to relax. With the interior tastefully decorated, we get an additional feeling of calmness and relaxation. Floor tiles are a great solution for home areas that get wet. One of the main areas where it is inevitable, is your shower. Shower tiles are a must and they can also be stylish! Colour and style choices are endless. Tiled flooring in the bathroom is also a very popular option. Regardless of whether you go for mosaic, porcelain or ceramic tiles, you can choose from a wide range of types and styles of bathroom tiles. Depending on your choice, your bathroom can become simple or refined.


You have tiles on the floor. You have tiles in the kitchen and bathroom walls. Do you have a fireplace in your home? Here, I recommend something that is often not considered: tiled fireplaces! To obtain a durable and very aesthetic fireplace, consider a tiled one. When it comes to tiled fireplaces, tiles are usually installed in one of two areas. They include a fireplace or hearth. The surrounding space is the area surrounding the fireplace. The hearth is the foundation of the fireplace reaching into the room. What is the best tile for installing a fireplace hearth? Natural stone, concrete and ceramics are all great options.